Classic Disclaimer: I don’t know what I am talking about when it comes to tuning your car. I am not a mechanic, pro tuner, or automotive engineer! Anything listed here is for educational use only. I’d highly advise you to take your vehicle to a professional tuner if you are considering modifying it, and not to DIY.


When I was 13, I saw The Fast and The Furious and it was life changing. (Readers of the blog will know that I have a soft spot for bad late 90s movies). I dreamed of one day being able to save up…

Tonight marks the last hours of my twenties. If I’m being honest, the idea that the shift from ‘young upstart’ to ‘adult professional’ passed by so quickly is horrifying to me. Maybe the start of it was quitting my position at a respected cybersecurity firm to go make video games a few years ago. Anyhow, I’ve been making this list in my head all night, to y’know, fight off the realization that I’m at best 1/3 dead (or that I have another 30 years before retirement). These won’t be in any particular order. Some will be small, some will be…

I’ve been pretty much textbook burnt out for a while. It manifests for everyone differently, but for me, it usually manifests as a general feeling of loathing.

I was working in overdrive a few years ago. Doing conference talks, learning new skills, interviewing, all while working a light 60 to 80 hours a week. This felt great at the time. I was healing from some major life changes and it felt like I was really on the path to getting somewhere. …

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra, or Why Memes is Language

In the 102nd episode of Star Trek TNG, Picard and crew encounter an alien culture that only speaks in metaphors. The alien captain continuously repeats the phrase “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra" which apparently ends up meaning “Let’s go down to this planet and fight a scary alien together so we can be bros". Its a pretty famous episode, and a very interesting take on how we shape language and communicate. …

Facebook AI and NYU Langone Health have been working on an AI research project to improve MRI scans. Today, they released their dataset.

This dataset is the largest publicly available MRI dataset ever. It contains 6,970 raw-format MRI cases, and 10,000 additional cases (with more than 350,000 image-slices) in the DICOM format.

Apply to get it here (I got mine in a few minutes and am not part of any particular institution)

But Kevin, this is cool and all, but why does a non-neuroscientist individual like yourself want a bunch of data about brains?

Well, because mad scien — er…

Segmentation Faults

Draft Part 1

Chapter 1

Her cell read 2:34 when the call finally came in. Recruiters always seem to call late. Maybe just to see if the candidate would bitch at them for not being on time. She picked up her phone, letting it vibrate in her hand for a second more.


“Hi, this is Peter with Morphware. Is this …” he paused for just a half second, clearly checking the file.

“Kassandra Church” she replied

“Good to hear from you! Is now still a good time?” He said, parroting every recruiter ever

“Of course.”

“Awesome. So, quick recap…

Like most tech industry medium rants, I’m going to start with an anecdote about a country musician. Willy Nelson started playing guitar at the early years of the Great Depression. His sister, he said in his memoir, was a true piano prodigy and had her genius fostered by their family when they invested what money they had to order her music books all the way from Chicago. Willie would play his cherished Sears Catalog guitar until many years later when he earned enough to upgrade. It wasnt until about 25 years from then that he released his first album. …

Here’s a scenario.

We’re at a Standup at $TechCompany.

The Double Senior Data Ninja is recounting the riveting tale of how he Double Senior Data Ninja’d the Foo-Bar code. How? Well, he says, he used QWERTY_ORM.

There’s strong agreement, silence, nodding heads and then a half dozen keyboards start clacking to frantically search “What is QWERTY_ORM?”.

Why is everyone doing this? Because the last time, when the Half-Junior Intern raised his hand to ask Data Ninja “What’s tensorhaskell?”, he was subjected to the feigned surprised of Data Ninja, or perhaps one of his cohorts. “You don’t know what tensorhaskell is?”…


Being a Data Science newbie, I’ve recently been trying to brush up on my ML skills, especially with a focus on practical applications. Luckily, my timing was great, because Kaggle is having it’s annual March Madness competition

The goal of the competition is to get as close to a correct prediction percentage as possible. My particular goal was a bit different- using the same techniques, but to make my office bracket picks.

You can find the whole repository on my github, including each iteration of the process. …

“Wait, you’re Nelson Bighetti? You were on the cover of Wired!” “Yeah, and actually on the inside too.”

Someone close to me messaged today and asked a strange question.

“What do you say in the mirror every morning to give you that unbridled confidence in what you do? I need to know.”

I was flattered, but I didn’t have an answer. In fact, I didn’t realize that I was even perceived that way. I certainly don’t always feel that way. I thought about the question, and it turns out the answer is both simple and a major attribute of many successful people (and also me, a grown man who watches anime).

Embrace your Imposter Syndrome.

“Impostor syndrome is a concept describing individuals…

K Hodges

“Defense Researcher” according to Reuters, Chelsea Manning Fan Fiction Author, Delightful Degenerate

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